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Company Culture

Our aim is to positively transform the culture of your company.  We provide training and experiential immersions that include the participation of educators, activists, artists and people who live diversity everyday.


We provide educational experiences that are designed to educate and inspire your work force so that they are prepared to be part of a diverse team.  We also help your company’s leaders to encourage and creatively capitalize on this diversity at every level.  We structure and personalize these educational experiences based on your company’s needs.


We recognize that communication is key to not only how your company is perceived but IF your company’s message is understood.  Let us help your company with educational content, internal and external campaigns, and effective tools for respectful LGBTQIA+ communications across multiple mediums.


Creating an inclusive environment and welcoming members of the GLBTQIA+ community to be part of your company is only the start.  We help you increase the success of retention at your company and to sustainably maintain diversity, and its benefits, in your company’s culture.  We provide support every step of the way.

Why value diversity?

Diverse society, diverse team

Considering the diversity found in the American society, a company that is diverse and plural is more qualified to understand the issues and needs of its diverse customer base, its suppliers, and other populations interested in the company.

Different people, different ideas

A heterogeneous/diverse group will operate with a variety of skills, attitudes and knowledge that can improve the problem solving and decision-making of your company. Diversity also encourages innovation and creativity within your company and for your clients/customers as well.

Talent is not in the eye of the beholder

Talent does not ‘choose’ gender, sexual-affective orientation, race or any other identity marker. An organizational environment that is receptive to diversity therefore increases the talent pool of its own copmany and creates a culture that encourages individual development and team brilliance.

Safe environment, productive team

An organizational environment where people feel safe to be who they are allows for each person to reach their full potential and for their focus to be fully engaged on their job.


10 Business Commitments for the Promotion of LGBT Rights

The “10 Business Commitments for the Promotion of LGBT Rights” show a business’ understanding of their role in promoting tolerance and inclusion, offer strategies and planning for all businesses, and bring a qualification for the demand on the relationship of state and society.

Sustainable Development Goals

We support the development of a business purpose in sexual and gender diversity converging four Sustainable Development Goals.

LGBT Landscape

The LGBT population is still today the target of prejudice and discrimination in many spheres and at many levels.  Far too often members of this community have their most basic rights denied. Being part of a vulnerable population in a hostile global and political environment leaves little to no refuge for the varied gender expressions or wide range of sexual diversity that are an intrinsic part of this community’s sense of self.


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