Social artist that identifies as Gender Queer. Founder and President of the [SSEX BBOX], social justice project which operates in San Francisco, São Paulo, Berlim and Barcelona, using creative skills in multimedia art, somatic approach and Non Violent Communication to work with people and organizations in these communities to bring a new way of thinking and being, and to offer social challenges to the world. Working in partnership with the Center for Sex and Culture, which has one of the largest collections of gender and sexuality works of the United States.



[SSEX BBOX] USA Coordinator and educator. Coach, counselor, and consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in human sexuality, somatic intersubjective relating, and interpersonal communication skills. Her academic background is in the social sciences with an emphasis on Tantric spirituality and shamanism. She has traveled the world studying, teaching, researching, and exploring the frontiers of where sex and spirit meet inside of humans.


Steve Roth Consultant and Coordinator of International Strategies at [DIVERSITY BBOX]. From Los Angeles, California, University of Chicago graduate in Latin American Studies, former Director of Global Initiatives at Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, where he led organizational studies for the LGBT + community at the global workplace. While there produced the largest LGBT + workplace inclusion event in Brazil, with 400 participants from all over Brazil and Latin America. Previously, Steve was CEO and founder of Alturi, a nonprofit organization with the mission to educate and engage Brazilians in LGBT+ global issues. In 2008, he founded Out Think Partners, a LGBT + communications, marketing and advocacy organization. A leader in Corporate Communications and Marketing, Steve has also served as Director of Customer Experience at Atlantis Events, a major LGBT+ travel company in the world, and as International Communications Manager at United Airlines.



Fresh!, lives to reflect love and self-acceptance in our diverse global communities through his Dharma teachings, mindfulness offerings, Professional Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, and Transgender Ally Diversity Trainings. As a transmale of color, he strives to be an example of what is possible for all, and especially POC LGBTQ2I’SGL’A+, youth, and peers; who choose to live their authentic lives fully, and with ease. As a storyteller, he encourages self-love and self-compassion practices globally, through social media. Locally, Fresh! is an actor, activist and contributing author to Trans Bodies Trans Selves, and Real World Mindfulness for Beginners. He is a leader at both Spirit Rock and the East Bay Mediation Center.


[SSEX BBOX] educator, actor, artist, and filmmaker working in the mediums of film, performance, music, LGBTQIA education and trauma healing. She played the groundbreaking role of “Max” in seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6 of “The L Word” (Showtime). She can also be seen in John Cameron Mitchell’s (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) feature film, “Shortbus”. Her directorial debut is the experimental film she co-directed, “Stick, Stick, Stuck”, with Dawn Kasper and Eden Batki. She has created and performs the piece “beach, a.k.a. untitled”, in which she explores the movement of migration and gender through sound, film, and live performance.


[SSEX BOX] educator, librarian of one of the largest collections of works in the areas of sexuality and gender in the United States, a collection available to the public at the Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco. She is a queer activist , educator for the fairness of gender, creating safer spaces for Trans people and sexuality rights and acts as a counselor for adults.



American author, editor, sociologist and sexologist active in the sex-positive feminism movement. One of the most important activists for the rights of the queer and sex workers community , she was also one of the responsible for the inclusion of bisexuality as a positive identity within the LGBT acronym.


Professional Gender Inclusivity Trainer, Jewish educator, ordained Kohenet Hebrew Priestess, workshop facilitator, writer, mentor, consultant, performance artist, and ritualist. Ariel is the founder of Gender Illumination and the creator of the JewishGender Jam – a curriculum that focuses specifically on Judaism and gender. Arielreceived a certificate of Spirituality and Social Change from the Pacific School of Religion ChangeMaker Fellowship.

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