Respectful and effective communication in and from your company, both internally and externally, plays a critical role in the embrace and promotion of LGBTQIA diversity and representation in your company’s culture. We can help by creating personalized booklets, manuals and organizational folders.
We will also help your company to identify (and above all else avoid) “pinkwashing”(the style of marketing that aims to promote a product or entity through an appeal to queer-friendliness, using pink as a way to indicate this); therefore guaranteeing honesty and consistency of what your company is seeking to communicate.


> Booklet, folder and/or manual(s): development of educational content for both printed and online mediums.
> Internal and external campaigns: creation of educational flyers as well as personalized promotional materials to encourage LGBTQIA inclusivity through your company’s communication and marketing.
> Tools for communication: creation of content for websites, support in the development of communication strategies for social media.



Our aim is to positively transform the culture of your company. We provide training and experiential immersions that include the participation of educators, activists, artists and people who live diversity everyday.


We provide educational experiences that are designed to educate and inspire your work force so that they are prepared to be part of a diverse team. We also help your company’s leaders to encourage and creatively capitalize on this diversity at every level. We structure and personalize these educational experiences based on your company’s needs.


We recognize that communication is key to not only how your company is perceived but IF your company’s message is understood. Let us help your company with educational content, internal and external campaigns, and effective tools for respectful LGBTQIA+ communications across multiple mediums.


Creating an inclusive environment and welcoming members of the GLBTQIA+ community to be part of your company is only the start. We help you increase the success of retention at your company and to sustainably maintain diversity, and its benefits, in your company’s culture. We provide support every step of the way.

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